BoostPrep Reviews

Our users have found that BoostPrep’s targeted learning approach has been incredibly effective in helping them prepare for their upcoming exams. We take great pride in helping our users achieve their goals. Read about some of the stellar reviews we have received below!

"Course Was Very Helpful..."
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"Course was very helpful. Content very similar to actual exam content, prepared me well.

Also examples were well explained and lots of different presentations. Helps to make explanations very clear and simple."
"BoostPrep Is The Best..."
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"Boost Prep is the best. It has helped me so much in preparing for exams.

I scored 10-15 points higher on my exams! Highly recommended…Highly recommended."
"Definitely Recommend..."
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"So far I love how they break each section down and help you understand why you didn’t get an answer correct when you miss it.

Gives great pointers and advice! Definitely recommend!!"
"Incredibly Helpful..."
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"Thank you so much BoostPrep! The information is well organized and incredibly helpful. There are practice tests and quizzes to see where you are before and after studying each section.

I achieved a score I am proud of and am so thankful for this course. When I had a problem come up, BoostPrep got back to me quickly and was accommodating to my need. Thank you again."
"Great Product..."
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"Great product! I am reviewing and learning new things that I know will be helpful for me in my career. Love it!"
"Worth Every Dollar..."
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"This course is definitely worth every dollar! This is very thorough and easy to understand and grasp.

I enjoyed going through the lessons which made me feel like I was sitting in class and then testing myself over and over again. This is a must!!!"
"I love this website..."
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"I love this website! Definitely helped me get the results I wanted."
"Helped Me Score Good..."
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"Helped me score good on the test. By taking the practice tests, you get an idea on what kind of questions to skip as those are time traps."
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"Great 👍 really user friendly and I feel prepared!"
"Passed My Exam..."
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"Great course and really cheap. I was very happy and passed my exam."

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BoostPrep TEAS Reviews

Read some of the reviews our satisfied TEAS users have left below.

"BoostPrep Is A Must Have For TEAS Prep..."
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"BoostPrep is a must have for TEAS prep. It thoroughly covered most, if not all topics I encountered on the actual exam, and the many practice questions and practice tests helped me complete the questions quickly and thoroughly.

My score ranked me in the top 4% of the country – BoostPrep works!"
"I Had Less Than 2 Weeks To Study..."
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"Due to my own poor planning, I had less than two weeks to study for the TEAS. Because I haven’t taken English or math in approximately 25 years, I was getting ~60% on my practice tests and I was concerned about passing the TEAS.

However, after a complete review all the Boost Prep material and taking all 5 practice tests, I was scoring in the mid-80’s. My TEAS score was an 86% overall with a 97% in math. Boost Prep material reflected the material I saw on the test and I’m happy with my results."
"BEST of the BEST..."
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"I found that BoostPrep was very helpful it helps you step-by-step to understand your strengths and weaknesses. BoostPrep is awesome and is BEST of the BEST.

I would recommend anyone who is trying to study for the TEAS to try BoostPrep you won’t be disappointed I am 100% satisfied. It’s nice I highly recommend."
"I Love The Course..."
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"BoostPrep was very helpful. I did not pass the test for a few times before. After using this course, I learned a lot from it. Organized information.

It helped me to pass the TEAS exam after 2 weeks of learning from BoostPrep. Thank you for whom created this! I love the course!"
"I Finally Passed My Exam..."
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"I recommend BoostPrep because of all the other TEAS course, BoostPrep is the best course. I finally passed my exam."
"Got A Great Score..."
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"I had to retake my TEAS so I used this to study and ALL of my scores went up!! I got 100% on Grammar and Reading and 85% in Science. Got a great score. Thank you!"
"BoostPrep Helped Me Pass..."
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"BoostPrep helped me pass my TEAS exam with 82% score. The material is exactly similar questions on the TEAS.

If someone really studies or understands the material on BoostPrep it is guaranteed that person will pass."

BoostPrep HESI Reviews

Read some of the reviews our satisfied HESI users have left below.

"I Passed The HESI On My First Try..."
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"I graduated high school a while ago, so I was nervous about the math part of the HESI. This course gave a simple refresher course of the important equations I needed for the test. They also have practice reading comprehension paragraphs, grammar and vocabulary reviews.

I passed the HESI on my first try and got a 90 on the math portion and 95 on the reading portion! It felt so easy while taking it. So happy I used this program!"
"It Was Worth Every Cent..."
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"Having left school a looooooong time ago, I “reluctantly” invested in this Course and it was worth every cent. Past lessons flowed back and it was a breeze.

I passed with 81% and danced my way home. Looking forward to the Nursing program."
"I Truly Recommend..."
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"I failed the HESI exam by a point the first time so I decided to invest in boostprep. One week of studying and I managed to score a 85.

I went up a total of 16 points in one week!! I truly recommend!"
"I Wouldn't Have Stood A Chance..."
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"I used BoostPrep literally 12 HOURS before my test because I had gotten a call from a college that had an open spot for the nursing program so I took a chance. I bought the prep stayed up and studied and passed!!

I got an 80 but my individual scores were 84 in math 90 in grammar 88 in reading comp and well let’s not go over anatomy because I didn’t really study that much. But if it wasn’t for the prep i wouldn’t have stood a chance!!"
"I Studied For A Week Using BoostPrep..."
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"On my first try I passed five of the HESI tests but did not pass chemistry. I decided to use BoostPrep to make sure I passed the second time.

I studied for a week using BoostPrep and was able to pass my chemistry exam with an 88."
"Highly Recommend..."
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"Passed the HESI A2 with flying colors! Thanks for the great material in this prep course! It gave me the confidence to succeed! Highly recommend!"
"BoostPrep Is Very Helpful To Me..."
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"BoostPrep is very helpful for me as I haven’t been in school for almost 20 years.

I enjoy learning so it is motivating me to continue learning so that I can pass the HESI A2 test and more in the future."
"I Feel More Confident..."
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"It is the best program to prepare for the HESI A2 I found so far. I have it for two weeks and I feel more confident."