TEAS Exam Overview

The TEAS nursing test is a test that assesses a nursing candidates proficiency in the areas of reading, math, science, and English and language usage.

Students who wish to attend nursing school will need to do well on the TEAS exam to gain acceptance into their nursing program.

Learn more about the TEAS test with our complete guide below. If you want to start preparing, start with our TEAS quiz

What is the TEAS Test?

The TEAS test, sometimes referred to as the TEAS entrance exam, is taken as a means for nursing schools/programs to evaluate a candidates intelligence in the areas of reading, math, science, and English and language usage.

The test gives nursing schools/programs a way to evaluate a prospective candidate outside of their GPA and extracurriculars.

What Does TEAS Stand For?

TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills. The exam is administered by ATI Testing.

What is on the TEAS Exam?

The TEAS 7 exam has 4 sections:

  • Reading: 45 Questions
    • Key Ideas and Details: 15 Questions
    • Craft and Structure: 9 Questions
    • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: 15 Questions
    • Unscored: 6 Questions
  • Math: 38 Questions
    • Numbers and Algebra: 18 Questions
    • Measurement and Data: 16 Questions
    • Unscored: 4 Questions
  • Science: 50 Questions
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology: 18 Questions
    • Biology: 9 Questions
    • Chemistry: 8 Questions
    • Scientific Reasoning: 9 Questions
    • Unscored: 6 Questions
  • English and Language Usage: 37 questions
    • Conventions of English: 12 Questions
    • Knowledge of Language: 11 Questions
    • Using Language and Vocabulary: 10 Questions
    • Unscored: 4 Questions

If you want to practice some of these questions, use our free TEAS practice test with answers.

How Many Questions are on the TEAS Exam?

In total, there are 170 questions on the TEAS nursing exam. However, of those 170 questions, only 150 count for your score.

The test-taker does not know which ones are not scored and the unscored questions are used for internal testing purposes.

How Long is the TEAS Exam?

The TEAS test is 209 minutes long, and each section has a time limit. Test-takers get a 10-minute break after the second section. This 10 minutes is not included in the total 209 minutes of the 4 sections.

  • Reading: 55 minutes
  • Math: 57 minutes
  • Science: 60 minutes
  • English and Language Usage: 37 minutes

How is the TEAS Exam Scored?

There are 170 total questions on the exam. You will receive the following after completing your exam:

  1. Total Composite Score: Your overall score.
  2. Subject Area Score: Your overall score for each of the 4 subjects.
  3. Sub-Content Area Score: Your score for each sub-content area within each of the 4 subjects.

Your score will be on a scale from 0% to 100%. You can learn more about TEAS scores with our complete guide.

What is the Difference between TEAS 6 and TEAS 7?

The TEAS 7 test has the same 4 categories, but it added 3 sub-categories. For the science section they added a biology sub-category and a chemistry sub-category.

For the English and language usage section they added a sub-category called “Using language and vocabulary.”

Another difference between the TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 is the TEAS 6 only had one type of question: multiple choice. The TEAS 7 exam now has 5 possible question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Select: There may be more than one answer choice that is correct.
  • Fill in the Blank Questions: No answer choices are provided and you need to write in the correct answer.
  • Hot Spot Items: this question includes an image with clickable areas, where the test-taker must click on the right item.
  • Ordered Response: You are given 4-6 options and you must drag them into the correct order.

Why Do I Need to Take the TEAS Exam?

You need to take the TEAS exam because it is a component of getting into your nursing or allied health organization.

Schools require the TEAS because studies show that those who perform well on their TEAS also perform well in their nursing program.

Common TEAS Nursing Test Questions

The cost varies from about $65 to $140 dollars. The cost depends on where you take your TEAS entrance exam.

The number of times that you can take the TEAS test depends on the institutions you are applying to. Most institutions allow for 2, but some allow you to take more than 2.

You are allowed the use of a calculator; however, do NOT bring your own calculator. When taking the test, a calculator will be provided for you.

The proctors of the test provide the test-taker with a calculator, scrap paper, a computer, and writing utensils. The only thing that the test-taker needs to bring with them is one form of identification.

The TEAS test is the same difficulty as the ACT or SAT. You most likely know all the material, but you are under a time constraint. The best way to beat the time constraint is to practice.

Practice with these free TEAS practice questions.

There is no set passing score for the TEAS exam. Most institutions have a minimum score that you need to reach, with majority of institutions being in the 65%-80% range.

Higher institutions require you to score in the 80% range and even the 90% range. Read our guide to TEAS scores for more information.

To pass the TEAS test it is recommended that you start prepping early. Doing 200 practice questions the night before the exam will not help.

We recommend you take a online TEAS test prep course to ensure you ace the TEAS.

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