TEAS Science Practice Test

A TEAS science practice test is your key to acing the science section of the TEAS test. A practice test gives you all the tools you need, and we are here to tell you all about what an ATI TEAS science practice test has to offer.

TEAS science questions are designed just as the questions are on the real TEAS science section. These practice tests, which were crafted by experts, serve as your guide to acing the science section.

Utilize the TEAS science practice test below to begin your studies. Make sure to use the answer explanations at the end of the quiz to help better understand important concepts.

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TEAS Science Practice Test

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TEAS Science

TEAS test science… What exactly is it? The TEAS science section consists of 4 sub-topic, these topics are:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Scientific Reasoning

The science sub-topic that the TEAS tests you on is not rocket science, instead it is fundamental science that they feel shows your ability in the field.

How Many Science Questions are on the TEAS Test?

There are 50 questions on TEAS science section. You are under a time constraint for all sections of the exam, especially this one.

You have 60 minutes to take the science section of the TEAS test. This allows for just over 1 minute per question.

As with the ACT or SAT, if given unlimited time you could most likely get every question right. However, the TEAS test is not testing you on this. They are instead testing your brain on whether or not it can work under constraints and prolonged use.

What Kind of Science Questions are on the TEAS exam?

The TEAS test has 5 types of questions that they ask, these types of questions are:

  • Regular multiple choice
  • Multiple choice where more than one answer may be correct. You select all the answers that may apply. Another name for this question is a “select all that apply question”
  • Fill in the blank questions.
  • Hot spot items: this question includes an image with clickable areas, where the test-taker must click on the right item.
  • Ordered Response: You are given 4-6 options and you must drag them into the correct order.

The most common type of question that you will be asked will be multiple choice questions.

Broad Breakdown of the 4 Sub-Topics on Science Section

To understand the kind of science questions on this portion of the exam, it is first important to understand the scoring of the TEAS science section.

It is of note that you answer 50 questions, and of those 50 questions only 44 are actually scored. Of those 44 that are scored, here are the number of questions per sub-topic that are scored:

  • Anatomy and Physiology Scored Questions = 18
  • Biology Scored Questions = 9
  • Chemistry Scored Questions = 8
  • Scientific Method Scored Questions = 9

Specific Breakdown of 4 Sub-Topics on Science Section

  • Anatomy and Physiology-
    • Cells, tissues, and organs
    • The systems of the body
    • Non-infectious diseases
  • Biology-
    • Cellular Biology
    • Mitosis and Meiosis
    • DNA and Chromosomes
    • Genetics & Inheritance
  • Chemistry-
    • States of matter
    • Bonds
    • Periodic table
    • Reaction types
  • Scientific Method-
    • Relationships & tools
    • Reasoning & logic
    • Experimental Design & Analysis

How Can I Pass the TEAS Science Test?

The best way to pass the TEAS science test is to take a TEAS science practice test. An ATI TEAS science practice test gives you an insight into what the actual test will look and feel like.

By going through multiple TEAS science questions you are allowing your brain to get a feel for how it paces through the test. By doing so, you are training your brain to work when under pressure, so it will be ready when test day comes.

If you take a free TEAS science practice test and you do not score too high, consider using our TEAS prep course.

Lastly, train your brain in increments, rather than cramming information into it. Take one science TEAS practice test and review what you answered wrong and then give your brain a rest.

It is inefficient and taxing on your brain to study or review something for multiple hours at a time.

Is the TEAS Science Hard?

As mentioned above, like the ACT or SAT you most likely know all of the material, but you are under a time constraint.

The difficulty of the TEAS science section is not necessarily based off the questions asked, but rather on the time constraint you are put under.

The best way to master this time constraint is with a TEAS science practice test. By taking a practice test, you are getting more familiar with what you will be asked and thus making the TEAS science section a little easier.

TEAS Science Practice FAQs

What is a good TEAS science score?

A good TEAS score on the science section is somewhere in the range of 78% to 90%, or a 35-40 out of 44. An exemplary score is 90.7%-100% or a 41 or above.

Read more on TEAS scores in our complete guide.

Are practice tests good for TEAS science?

A TEAS science practice test is your best tool to master the TEAS science section. A science TEAS practice test allows you to get familiar with the questions that you will be asked.

Authored By: Denise Lessow
Authored By: Denise Lessow

Denise has been helping students study for 25+ years.

Denise has a wealth of knowledge and has helped students reach scores in the top 10% across all subject areas for the HESI, TEAS, and NLN PAX exams.

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