TEAS English Practice Test

A TEAS English practice test is your key to acing the TEAS English and language usage part of the test. Taking a practice test trains your brain to become more familiar with what it is being asked.

Our practice English TEAS test was crafted by an expert who knows the ins and outs of the TEAS English section.

Continue reading not only to find the best practice tests for the ATI TEAS English and language section, but also to find out the general format and design of the TEAS English section.

Take the TEAS English practice exam below to begin your studies. Make sure you are using the answer explanations at the end of the exam to learn key concepts.

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TEAS English Practice Test

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TEAS English

The English and Language usage section of the TEAS exam is the 4th and final section of the overall TEAS exam. You are given 37 minutes to take this section of the TEAS exam.

The hardest part of this section of the exam is being able to complete it in the short time that they provide for you. But don’t worry! Continue reading to master the ATI TEAS English and Language usage section!

How Many Questions are on TEAS English?

All in all, you are answering 37 questions on the TEAS English and Language usage section, which means you have less than a minute per question.

However, of those 37 questions only 33 actually count towards your score as 4 questions are classified as “pre-test questions.” As the test-taker, you do NOT know which questions are the pre-test questions so it is best to try your best on every question.

It may sound daunting that you have less than a minute per question, but we are here to help. A practice English TEAS test is the best way for you to familiarize yourself with the material, and thus, master the time constraint.

What Kind of Questions are on TEAS English?

The English TEAS test has 3 broad subcategories that they test you on:

  • Conventions of standard English
  • Knowledge of language,
  • Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing

Here is a more in depth list of the types of questions that the TEAS English section asks:

  • Spelling & Similar Sounding Words.
  • Sentence Parts & Terms.
  • Punctuation Rules.
  • Parts of Speech.
  • Irregular Plural Nouns.
  • Grammar & Clarity.
  • Formal & Informal Language.
  • Medical Terminology and Word Parts.

How Does the TEAS English Section Ask Questions?

The TEAS test has 5 types of questions that they ask, these types of questions are:

  • Regular multiple choice
  • Multiple choice where more than one answer may be correct. You select all the answers that may apply. Another name for this question is a “select all that apply question”
  • Fill in the blank questions.
  • Hot spot items: this question includes an image with clickable areas, where the test-taker must click on the right item.
  • Ordered Response: You are given 4-6 options and you must drag them into the correct order.

The most common type of question that you will be asked on this section is multiple choice.

How to Use a TEAS English Practice Test

A TEAS English practice test is your guide to acing the TEAS English and language usage section. These practice tests provide you with questions hand crafted by experts on the TEAS exam, which allows you to become more comfortable with the overall section.

When taking a practice test it is essential to make use of the features of the practice test. Not only do the highlighted practice tests provide you with automatic scoring, but they also provide you with answer explanations.

While automatic scoring may not seem like a big deal, in reality it actually is. You get to see how you did in seconds and you do not need to grade the practice test yourself.

Answer explanations are your best tool in taking a practice test as they tell you why you answered a question incorrectly.

Your brain learns something by failing at first, so by learning why you failed, you are ensuring that you will not answer the question wrong when the real test comes.

How Do I Do Well on the TEAS English Test?

To do well on the TEAS English test it is best to take Practice English TEAS tests. Like the ACT or SAT you most likely could answer almost every question correctly if given unlimited time.

However, on this portion of the TEAS exam you are only given 60 seconds per question.

The difficulty of this section is the time constraint that you are put under, and the best way to master this time constraint is to train your brain with practice tests.

If you are not scoring as high as you would like, we recommend taking a TEAS prep course so you can get up to a score that you are happy with.

Lastly, it is best to study efficiently. Studying for an hour every day is better than for 6 hours in one day. Your brain learns in increments, so it is best to study in increments.

TEAS English Practice FAQs

How can I get better at the TEAS English test?

To get better at the TEAS English test it is best to study early and efficiently. You are not necessarily learning specific concepts, but you are instead training to pace yourself through the test.

To get better it is recommended to study in increments instead of cramming the nigh before the test.

What is a passing TEAS English score?

While there is not necessarily a “passing score” for the TEAS English section, there are scores that are classified as good and exemplary. A good TEAS English score is 78% to 90%, or a 26-30 out of 33. A good score will get you recognized by nearly all nursing programs.

An exemplary score is classified as a 90.7% to 100%, and these scores will get you recognized by the top nursing programs.

Learn more about TEAS scores in our guide.

How many questions and how long is the TEAS English section?

There are a total of 37 questions on the TEAS English section, but only 33 of those 37 questions are graded. You are given 37 minutes to take this section of the TEAS exam, which leaves you with 60 seconds per question

Authored By: Denise Lessow
Authored By: Denise Lessow

Denise has been helping students study for 25+ years.

Denise has a wealth of knowledge and has helped students reach scores in the top 10% across all subject areas for the HESI, TEAS, and NLN PAX exams.

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