TEAS English Practice Test

A TEAS English practice test is your key to acing the TEAS English and language usage part of the test.

Take the exam below to test your knowledge. Make sure to review the answer explanations at the end. For help with other sections on the exam, visit our free TEAS practice test page.

Free TEAS English Practice Test

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TEAS English Exam Overview

TEAS English is 1 of 4 sections tested on the TEAS exam. This section consists of:

  • 37 Questions
  • 37 Minutes

TEAS English and Language Usage questions will be divided into the following categories:

  • Conventions of Standard English: 12 Questions
  • Knowledge of Language: 11 Questions
  • Using Language and Vocab in Writing: 10 Questions
  • Unscored Questions: 4 Questions

An image showing an overview of the TEAS English portion of the exam
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Studying for TEAS English

As mentioned above, there are 3 main categories of questions on this section. To do well, you should be very familiar with these topics:

Here is a more in depth list of the types of questions that the TEAS English section asks:

  • Spelling & Similar Sounding Words.
  • Sentence Parts & Terms.
  • Punctuation Rules.
  • Parts of Speech.
  • Irregular Plural Nouns.
  • Grammar & Clarity.
  • Formal & Informal Language.
  • Medical Terminology and Word Parts.

If you are not comfortable with some of those topics, you can review our TEAS study guides, which cover everything mentioned above.

TEAS English FAQs

There will be 37 total questions on the TEAS English exam. However, 4 of those questions will be unscored. You will not know which questions are unscored, so it is important that you try your hardest on all questions.

You will have 37 minutes to complete the math portion of the exam. To keep pace, you will want to spend less than 60 seconds per question.

To do well on the TEAS English test it is best to use a TEAS English practice exam.

The difficulty of this section is the time constraint that you are put under, and the best way to master this time constraint is to train your brain with practice tests.

Make sure to review the answer explanations at the end of the exam to better understand why an answer was correct or incorrect.

While there is not necessarily a “passing score” for the TEAS English section, there are scores that are classified as good and exemplary. A good TEAS English score is 78% to 90%, or a 26-30 out of 33. A good score will get you recognized by nearly all nursing programs.

An exemplary score is classified as a 90.7% to 100%, and these scores will get you recognized by the top nursing programs.

Learn more about TEAS scoring in our guide.

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