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Use our free TEAS math practice test and other resources to prepare for your TEAS exam.

Are you preparing for your upcoming TEAS exam but nervous about the math portion of the exam? Many students struggle with math, so you are not alone. BoostPrep has got you covered for everything TEAS related.

Start off by trying our free TEAS math practice test below. Our questions are similar in format to the actual TEAS questions you will see on the exam. We also provide answer explanations to help students better understand why an answer was right or wrong.

Taking a teas practice test for math is a great way to prepare for the actual exam. Students will get a better idea of what they know and what they do not know. Try out our free teas math practice test below.

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Free TEAS Math Practice Test

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TEAS Math Exam Overview

The TEAS exam is made up of 4 different sections. Each section contains multiple choice questions and is timed. We will be looking specifically at the TEAS math portion of the exam. You can find an in-depth breakdown of the other TEAS sections here.

Candidates will have a total of 57 minutes to complete the TEAS math portion of the exam. There are 38 total questions on the math portion of the exam. Only 34 of those 38 questions will count towards your score (4 are unscored)

The tricky part is that students will not know which questions are scored, and which ones are not scored. It is very important to try your best on all questions in order to get a high score on TEAS math.

If we do some math of our own, we will see that students will have about 90 seconds to answer each question on this portion of the exam. This may seem like plenty of time to answer each question, but students will find themselves pressing for time.

Students who prepare for this portion of the exam will find they are not crunching for time and will have an easier time answering the questions. Our TEAS prep course reviews concepts, tips, and tricks to help you fly through TEAS math.

The practice tests within our prep course are also timed and do a great job of simulating the actual exam. Taking our prep course will help you become more comfortable with the material and the exam which will lead to higher scores.

A calculator is permitted on the TEAS math section. With that being said, the calculator must be one provided by the testing center or institution administering the exam. Students are not able to use their own calculators, phones, smartwatches, or any similar devices.

TEAS Math Topic Breakdown

Specific topics will be tested on the TEAS math section. These topics are determined by ATI, the creator of the TEAS exam.

The most current version of the ATI TEAS exam tests students on the following topics in the TEAS math portion of the exam:

  • Numbers and Algebra
  • Measurement and Data Interpretation

The test is weighted more towards numbers and algebra as you can see in the table below. Our prep course follows these weights and focuses on the material you will be tested on the most. Review the table below to see the question breakdown on the TEAS math section.

Topics Questions
Number and Algebra 18
Measurement and Data 16
Unscored Questions 4
Total Questions 38

Studying for TEAS Math

Many students struggle with math. Students struggle because they either forget important concepts or just flat out never learned the concepts. 

Our TEAS prep course ensures that students will learn the most important concepts or re-learn concepts they forgot. What are the best ways to study for TEAS math?

Review Important Concepts

Understanding important concepts should be the first place students start when reviewing for the TEAS math exam. If a student does not understand or grasp a concept, they will not fair well when they are tested on that material.

Our prep course goes over every math concept that is tested on the TEAS in great detail. We walk students through the material assuming they have never learned the material before.

With that being said, our software also allows users to skip material they already know – we wanted to create the most efficient prep course possible.

Practice Questions

Practice questions are a big component of preparing for any exam, especially the TEAS math portion. Students sometimes think they understand the concepts, then when they go to take the test, they realize they cannot apply those concepts.

We wanted to make sure that did not happen with our users. Users will review a key concept, answer some practice questions about that concept, and see how they did.

If they did not do as well as they would have liked, they can review their answers and see why they were wrong with our answer explanations. It is important to understand why a question was right or wrong.

All of our questions include answer explanations that walk you through how to answer each and every question. Not only does this help you understand the material better, but it also helps you save time when studying.

Simulated Exams

The last step in ensuring you are ready for the TEAS math exam is to take a simulated exam. Simulated exams mimic the actual test by following the same format and having a time limit. Students should take a simulated test to help them become more comfortable before taking the actual test.

Our prep course offers 12 simulated exams. All of the exams are timed and mimic the format and topics that will be tested on the actual TEAS exam.

Being able to take a timed exam is the final step in your preparation. If you can achieve a high score on these simulated exams, it is very likely you are ready for the actual exam.


Can I use a calculator on the TEAS exam?

Yes, students are permitted to use a calculator on the TEAS exam. However, students are not permitted to use their own calculators. A calculator will be provided for students by the testing center or institution.

These calculators will be a simple 4-function calculator. Students should use a similar style calculator when practicing for the exam.

How do I learn the material with the BoostPrep TEAS prep course?

All of the material is reviewed in our in-depth study guides. Our study guides walk students through every important concept that will be tested on the TEAS exam.

Our study guides were created under the assumption that the student has never learned the material before. Our software allows students to skip portions of the course if they are comfortable with the material already.

What is tested on the TEAS math section?

The TEAS math section consists of 38 total question. Only 34 of the 38 questions are scored. Students will be tested on the following topics:
1. Number and Algebra – 18 questions
2. Measurement and Data – 16 questions
3. Unscored Questions – 4 questions

Authored By: Denise Lessow
Authored By: Denise Lessow

Denise has been helping students study for 25+ years.

Denise has a wealth of knowledge and has helped students reach scores in the top 10% across all subject areas for the HESI, TEAS, and NLN PAX exams.

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