HESI Math Practice Test

Free HESI Math Practice Test

Use our free HESI math practice test to help get ready for the actual HESI exam.

Many students struggle with math. If you are one of those students, you are not alone. Use our HESI math practice test below to help you better understand what you know, and what you do not know.

The questions you will see in the practice test below are similar in format to the actual HESI exam. You will see answer explanations at the end of the test to help you understand why an answer was wrong.

Taking a HESI math practice test is a great way to get ready for the actual HESI math exam. Students will get a good feel for the types of questions they may be asked when they take the actual exam.

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Free HESI Math Practice Test

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HESI Math Exam Overview

There are 10 sections that make up the HESI exam. Odds are you will not have to take all 10 sections. With that being said, the HESI math section is one of the most common sections that schools and institutions require.

The most common sections required by schools are HESI math, grammar, vocab, reading, and anatomy and physiology. We will be looking specifically at the HESI math section below. For more information on the other HESI sections, you can find a breakdown in this article here.

There are a total of 55 questions on the HESI math section. While there are 55 total questions, only 50 questions will be scored. Students will not know which questions are scored and which ones are not scored. It is important to answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Students will have 50 minutes to answer all 55 questions on the HESI math section. If you do the math, students will have the ability to spend about 54 seconds on each question. This is a relatively quick pace, especially when trying to solve math problems.

The good news is that students will have the ability to use a calculator on this portion of the exam. However, students will be provided with the calculator, they will not be permitted to use their own calculators or other electronic devices while taking the test.

HESI Math Topic Breakdown

There will be specific topics that are tested on the HESI math exam. These topics are determined by Elsevier, the creator of the HESI exam.

The HESI A2 exam, which is the most current version of the exam, tests students on the following topics:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Ratios
  • Proportions
  • Fractions
  • Decimals

Our HESI prep course includes study guides, outlines, practice problems, and practice exams on all of the above topics. We walk students through each topic like they have never learned the material before. If you already know what you are doing, take the practice quizzes and questions and quickly move on.

HESI Math Exam Key Takeaways
Total Questions 55
Total Scored Questions 50
Time Limit 50 Minutes
Time To Spend Per Questions 54 Seconds

Studying For HESI Math

Math is difficult for many students. Some students may just need a quick refresher while other students may need to learn the concepts from scratch.

Whether you need a refresher or need to learn from scratch, our HESI prep course will help you out.

Review some of the tips below to ensure you pass the HESI math exam the first time around.

Understand Important Concepts

This should be the first-place students start when reviewing for the HESI exam. Students should not only be able to answer questions, but they should also be able to understand the concepts.

We review every concept that will be tested on the HESI math exam in our prep course. We walk students though the concepts with our in-depth study guides and then test students with concept specific questions to ensure they understood the material.

Our software also allows users to skip concepts if they already know how to do it. We wanted to create the most efficient HESI prep course possible.

Practice Questions

Practice questions are great for reinforcing difficult concepts. Some students may think they understand a certain concept, but when they go to answer a question they forget how to answer it.

In order to make sure this does not happen to any of our users, we implemented practice questions after students learn key concepts. Students will be able to put their knowledge to the test.

Not only do we have practice questions, but we also provide answer explanations. What good is a practice question if you do not know why the question was wrong? Our answer explanations help users better understand why an answer was incorrect.

These answer explanations will help users better understand the information and will save them time while studying. Users can quickly understand what they did wrong and move on.

Simulated Exams

One of the final steps to ensure you are ready for the HESI exam is by taking simulated exams. Our simulated exams are timed and will give students a great idea of where they stand.

We offer 24 simulated exams in our HESI prep course. All of the exams mimic the format of the specific HESI subject exams.

Simulated exams are important to take because they help students get a better idea of how fast they need to work through the exam. Students will also be able to see which topics they know best and which topics they need to study more.


Can I use a calculator on the HESI exam?

Yes, students are allowed to use a calculator on the HESI exam. Students will be provided with a calculator for the exam. Students will not be permitted to bring their own calculators or use any of their other devices (phones, smart watches, etc…).

How do I learn the material with the BoostPrep HESI prep course?

Students will learn the material via our in-depth study guides and content outlines. Our study guides walk students through every important concept that is tested on the HESI exam.

The study guides were created with the assumption that the students has never learned the material before. Rest assured, if you already know a concept, you can skip it and quickly move on to the next concept.

Students can also learn through the 1500+ practice questions and full-length (timed) practice exams.

What topics are tested on the HESI math exam?

There are 55 total questions on the HESI exam. Some of the topics that are tested on the HESI math exam include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, proportions, fractions, and decimals.