CDL Driving Safely: Communicating

Signal Your Intentions to Other Drivers

  • Turn signals
    • Signal well before you turn, while you are turning and don’t forget to turn off the signal after you turn.
    • Signal before you change lanes and change lanes slowly and smoothly.
  • Brake lights
    • Use your brake lights to signal:
      • Slowing down
      • Right turns
      • Trouble ahead
      • Stopping to unload cargo and passengers
      • Driving slowly

Warning Other Drivers

  • Signal other drivers when passing, when it’s hard to see and when parked on the side of the road.
  • Emergency warning devices should be placed when parked on the side of the road within 10 minutes.
    • One way road or divided highway:
      • 10 feet, 100 feet, 200 feet toward approaching traffic
    • Two-way or undivided highway:
      • 10 feet to the front or rear and 100 to the front and rear
    • Curved road:
      • Within 100-500 feet of the vehicle.
      • If vehicle is obstructed, move to signal to point back down the road.

Note: Use your horn with caution as it can distract other drivers.