CDL Driving Safely: Basic Control of Your Vehicle


  • Don’t roll back when you start. Use the parking brake or the clutch to prevent rolling back.
  • Speed up smoothly and gradually.
  • Speed up slowly when traction is poor, such as rain or snow.


  • Hold the wheel firmly in both hands, on opposite sides of the wheel.


  • Push the brake pedal down gradually.
  • The amount of pressure will depend on speed of vehicle and how quickly you need to stop.

Backing Safely

  • Avoid backing when you can.
  • When you park, try to park so you can pull forward to leave.
  • When backing, do the following:
    • Start in the proper position.
    • Look at your path.
    • Use mirrors on both sides.
    • Back slowly.
    • Back and turn to driver’s side.
    • Use a helper if possible.