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  • Duration: 6 Months
  • # of Questions: 2,000+
  • # of Full-Length Exams: 20
  • # of Flashcards: 850+
  • Learning Content: 200+ Modules

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How it Works

Use Our TEAS Prep to Learn, Not Just Memorize.

Our TEAS prep was designed to help you learn key concepts, not just memorize them.

Not only will this help you during the TEAS exam, it will also help you throughout your career.

20 Full-Length Exams

20 full-length exams (5 per subject) to test your knowledge. Timed and covers the same concepts as the real exam.

200+ Modules of Learning Content

Covers all sections of the TEAS exam. Built specifically for the TEAS exam, so you only have to study the stuff you need to know.

2,000+ Questions

Question banks and quizzes to make sure you are grasping the material. 2,000+ questions included in the course.

850+ Flashcards

Broken up into specific categories. Review each flashcard or "speed study" by reviewing the whole set at once.

100% Pass Guarantee

You are covered by our 100% pass guarantee when you prep with us. If you fail, you get all of your money back.

TEAS Prep Course Outline

Curious about what you will learn in our TEAS prep course? Check out the complete course outline below.


  • TEAS Math – 5 Full Exams
  • TEAS Science – 5 Full Exams
  • TEAS English – 5 Full Exams
  • TEAS Reading – 5 Full Exams


  • Exams are complete simulations of actual exam
  • Questions are written in the ATI TEAS 7 exam style
  • Exams include new question format used on the TEAS 7
  • 850 total questions across these exams
  • All questions have full explanations/rationales
  • Exams are timed
  • Complete scores with feedback, tracking and history
  • Compare your scores with the average scores of other students who have taken the same exams

Detailed TEAS Math Outline:

  • TEAS Math Flashcards
  • TEAS Math Question Bank
  • Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  • Working with Negative Numbers
  • Decimals
  • Rounding Numbers and Estimating
  • Exponents, Scientific Notation, and Square Roots
  • Fractions
  • Least to Greatest
  • Order of Operations
  • Percentages and Solving Problems
  • Ratios and Proportions with Word Problems
  • Probability
  • Units of Measurement and Conversions
  • Algebra
  • Data and Graphs
  • Word Problems
  • Geometric Quantities
  • Roman Numerals

Detailed TEAS Science Outline:

  • TEAS Science Flashcards
  • TEAS Science Question Bank
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • Anatomy Basics
    • Tissues
    • Skin/Integumentary System
    • Bones, Joints, and Skeletal Tissue
    • Skeletal System
    • Muscle Tissue
    • Muscular System
    • Nervous System
    • The Senses
    • Endocrine System
    • Circulatory System
    • Immune System
    • Respiratory System
    • Digestive System
    • Urinary System
    • Reproductive System
  • Biology
    • Cells
    • Life Science
  • Chemistry
    • Basic Chemistry
  • Scientific Reasoning
    • Basic Scientific Reasoning

*Each of these modules is further broken down into specific topics and includes quizzes to test your knowledge.

Detailed TEAS Reading Outline:

  • TEAS Reading Flashcards
  • TEAS Reading Question Bank
  • The Main Idea
  • Supporting Details
  • Summarizing Passages
  • Logical Inferences
  • Informational Source Comprehension
  • Craft and Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Detailed TEAS English and Language Usage Outline:

  • TEAS English Flashcards
  • TEAS English Question Bank
  • The Parts of Speech
  • The Parts of a Sentence
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Common Grammar Mistakes
  • What To Avoid
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary Acquisition
  • Easily Confused Words


  • 50 Total Questions
  • Coverage of All 4 Subjects Tested
  • Will Help You Narrow Down Problem Areas and Where You Should Begin Your Studies

Includes 3 Different Study Schedules:

  • Cram Schedule: If you are in a pinch and need to study fast.
  • 4-Week Schedule: If you have four weeks to prepare.
  • 10-Week: If you have ten weeks to prepare.

In-Depth TEAS Learning Modules

Notes + Examples

Review each module to learn key concepts. We teach you everything you need to know in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

Realistic TEAS Practice

20 Full-Length Exams

Full-length timed practice exams that simulate the actual exam. Test your knowledge on the same concepts as the actual exam. Detailed answer explanations to help you learn.

BoostPrep vs. Other TEAS Prep

 BoostPrepATI TEASStudy.comFree Tests
Price$39$249$59/MonthFree (Ads)
AccessImmediate2+ DaysImmediateImmediate
# of Questions2,000+650400+25-100
# of Full-Length Practice Tests202NoneNone
Timed Practice TestsYesNoYesNo
Automatic ScoringYesYesYesYes
Answer ExplanationsYesNoYesVaries
Study GuidesYesYesYesNo
Study SchedulesYesNoNoNo
Created Just for TEAS ExamYesYesNoVaries
Last Updated20242022UnknownUnknown

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Our most popular option. Includes everything from the “Core” package AND our complete prep course.


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Our 100% Pass Guarantee

We cover our users with a 100% pass guarantee. This is how confident we are that you will pass your exam. If you do not pass, you will get a full refund of your purchase. You can learn more here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we take time every couple of months to ensure that our course matches up with the most recent TEAS exam.

The only difference between all of the TEAS packages we offer is the amount of time you have to study. You can choose from:

  • 7-Day
  • 60-Day
  • 180-Day

No! We do not charge for a monthly subscription. You will make your purchase 1 time, and that is it. You can choose to manually renew your course if you would like, but we will never automatically charge you.

The amount of time you have access for will depend on which package you purchased. You have the option to choose from:

  • 7-Day
  • 60-Day
  • 180-Day

You can take all of our exams as many times as you would like. There are no limits or restrictions once you make a purchase.

We built our practice exams to mimic the actual TEAS exam. You will find the same number of questions, time limits, and concepts tested as the actual exam.

Our course is 100% online. As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive access to all of your materials.

If you do not pass your exam, we will issue your a full refund. You will need to contact us within 30 days of taking your exam. In addition, you will need to have scored 80%+ on all your exams within our course.

You will need to send us a screenshot or PDF of your score report so that we can verify your scores. We can then initiate a 100% refund.

No, less than 1.8% of students end up needing our pass guarantee.

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  1. Great

  2. it was very good help me a lot will use it again later.

  3. BoostPrep helped me pass my TEAS exam with 82% score. The materiel are exactly similar questions on TEAS. If someone really study or understand the material on BoostPrep it is guarantied that person will pass

  4. Due to my own poor planning, I had less than two weeks to study for the TEAS. Because I haven’t taken English or math in approximately 25 years, I was getting ~60% on my practice tests and I was concerned about passing the TEAS. However, after a complete review all the Boost Prep material and taking all 5 practice tests, I was scoring in the mid-80’s. My TEAS score was an 86% overall with a 97% in math. Boost Prep material reflected the material I saw on the test and I’m happy with my results.

  5. Passed my teas the first time while using this to study!