Best LSAT Prep Courses

Best LSAT Prep Courses

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The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is a challenging exam that you will need to do well on if you want to attend law school. Use our reviews of the best LSAT prep courses to find an option that could work for you.

The LSAT is very different from previous standardized exams you may have taken. Instead of testing specific academic topics like tests such as the SAT or GMAT, it tests your ability to understand concepts and reason.

Since the exam is so challenging, many students opt to use LSAT prep courses during their studies. LSAT courses will provide you with all the information, questions, and practice exams you will need. They will help you save time and study more efficiently.

Too Long, Didn’t Read: Read our reviews of the best LSAT prep courses and find an option that fits your wants and needs.

For preliminary help, use our LSAT practice test.

Best LSAT Prep Courses Summary

We realize not everyone has the time to research LSAT prep courses. We have broken down our findings for you below.

LSAT Prep Courses Comparison Table

Blueprint Magoosh Princeton Review Wize LSATMax Alpha Score
Our Score 9.4 9.4 8.9 8.6 8.6 8.0
Self-Paced 3-Month Self-Paced Premium Self-Paced Self-Paced LSATMax 180 Complete LSAT Course
Price $799 $299 $799 $599 $761 $389
Length of Course 3 Months 12 Months 12 Months 6 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Practice Questions 8,500+ 7,000+ 8,000+ 3,700+ 6,000+ 1,000+
Practice Exams 85+ 80+ 70+ 70+ 90+ 10
Video Lectures 80+ Hours 90 Hours 150+ Hours 24+ Hours 1,000+ Hours 50+ Hours
Course Guarantee
Physical Books Included
Course Options
Self-Paced Course
Live-Online Course
Check It Out

Blueprint LSAT Course Review

Best Overall

Blueprint Logo

Our Score


Learning Options:

  • Self-Paced
  • Live-Online
  • Tutoring


  • Study Plan Builder
  • Interface of Course
  • Content Within Course


  • No Guarantee on 3-Month Course

Blueprint is one of our favorite LSAT courses. Their LSAT prep course is designed very well, the content is next-to-none, and they have a learning option for just about anyone.

Some of Blueprint’s learning options include:

  • 3-Month Self-Paced LSAT Prep – $799
  • 6-Month Self-Paced LSAT Prep – $1,199
  • 12-Month Self-Paced LSAT Prep – $1,599
  • Monthly Subscription Self-Paced LSAT Prep – $299/Month
  • Live Online LSAT Prep – $1,199
  • Tutoring Option – 3 Different Options. Learn more about the best LSAT tutors.

The different options give students the ability to choose a LSAT prep course based on their needs. If you are in a time-crunch, and only have 2 months to study, the 3-month self-paced course would be a great option for you.

Blueprint Self-Paced LSAT Prep Courses

Options 1-4 above all have the same features, the only difference between them is the amount of time that can be spent within the course. That being said, lets dive into the self-paced courses and their features.

One of the first things you will notice when you go into the course is the study plan builder. You will be asked questions about your availability and number of hours you plan on studying. The software will create an extremely detailed study plan for you to follow.

All of the lecture materials are stored in the “resources” tab. You will be spending a majority of your time within this part of the course. Your study plan will tell you what lessons you need to complete on a given day to stay on track and meet your study goals.

The lectures consist of bite-sized video lessons. These videos are very high quality in terms of design and content. We really like how the videos are short and to-the-point. You will also find quizzes sprinkled in throughout the lessons – these help reinforce important concepts.

If you are looking to practice with questions, you have 2 options:

  1. 85+ actual LSAT exams
  2. Custom practice sets

The course includes 85+ actual LSAT exams. These are great to help you get ready for the actual exam. You can also create custom practice sets to work on specific questions or topics of the LSAT. You can apply different filters to work on questions you want to focus on.

Blueprint offers detailed score reports and analytics on all questions and exams, where you can view advanced breakdowns of how you performed. These reports can give valuable insight on where you may need to focus your studies.

Blueprint Live Online LSAT Prep Course

If you are someone who prefers to learn in a classroom setting, the live online LSAT prep classes offered by Blueprint are a great option.

When signing up for the LSAT prep classes, you will be able to choose from different dates and times that work for you. Every class includes 2 expert LSAT instructors and 37+ hours of live instruction (15 LSAT prep classes).

All of the classes are recorded, so if you miss a class, you can watch the recording to catch up on material you may have missed. Students should plan for this option to take about 4 months to complete.

The live online option offered by Blueprint is nice because in addition to the live online instruction, you also get access to everything within the self-paced course.

This means you can supplement what you are learning from your instructors with the material and content within the self-paced course.

Screenshots of the Course:

Magoosh LSAT Course Review

Best Value

Magoosh Logo

Our Score


Learning Options:

  • Self-Paced
  • Live-Online


  • Price
  • Video Answer Explanations
  • +5 Score Guarantee


  • Style of Lecture Videos

If you are looking for LSAT prep courses on a budget, Magoosh is exactly what you are looking for. Magoosh is our choice for best value LSAT prep course.

Some of Magoosh’s learning options include:

  1. Self-Paced Premium LSAT Course – $299
  2. Live + Premium LSAT Course – $599

Magoosh keeps it relatively simple when choosing LSAT prep courses. You can either choose their self-paced course or their live online course.

Magoosh Self-Paced LSAT Prep Course

The self-paced LSAT courses from Magoosh are available for $299 and users will have access for 12 months.

One of the first things users will see when they login to their accounts is the student dashboard. Magoosh did a very good job of designing the dashboard as it is very useful. The dashboard serves as “homebase.” This is where users will be able to branch out into the course.

The “lessons” portion of the course is where students will spend most of their time. These lessons are video-based with the videos ranging anywhere from 3 to 22+ minutes. The videos are grouped by sections of the LSAT, which makes the flow of lessons and structure of the course feel right.

One thing we did not like about Magoosh is the style of the lecture videos. The videos consist of an instructor talking over slides. They can get boring, and students may lose interest if the video is on the longer side.

With that being said, the videos are useful and contain good information. The instructor does try to make it interactive by annotating over the slides and making notes. If you can stay focused, you will find the videos informational and helpful.

The course includes 7,000+ practice questions and numerous practice exams. You can utilize these in 3 different ways:

  1. Custom Sessions – You can choose which sections you want to work on and create custom practice sets. You can set time limits, add various filters, and more.
  2. Practice Specific Sections – Choose between logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, or reading comprehension. Similar to custom sessions but focuses on a specific section of the LSAT.
  3. Full-Length Practice Exam – Take a simulated practice exam.

Magoosh is unique in that they offer video answer explanations for questions. These video explanations help better explain the question, how to answer it, and common mistakes made. We really like this feature of the course and it helps make it one of the best LSAT prep courses.

Magoosh Live Online LSAT Prep Course

If you are looking for a live online format, Magoosh also offers this option. You can sign up for the live online course for $599.

The course is led by an instructor who has scored in the 99th percentile of the LSAT. The course includes 16 hours of live instruction – while this is not as many hours of live instruction as other options, it is still a good option and fits the price they offer it for.

In addition to the live online instruction you will receive, you will also have access to everything within the self-paced course. You can supplement your live online learning with the modules and resources from the self-paced LSAT prep.

Screenshots of the Course:

Princeton Review LSAT Course Review

Very Comprehensive

Princeton Review Logo

Our Score


Learning Options:

  • Self-Paced
  • Live-Online
  • Tutoring


  • Number of Practice Questions
  • Good Track Record
  • Comprehensive


  • Feels a Tad Outdated

Princeton review offers many different LSAT prep courses, and each prep course is very comprehensive. Pair this with the track record and experience Princeton Review has with test prep, and you have some really good options for LSAT prep. Some of the different options they offer include:

  1. Self-Paced LSAT Course – $799
  2. Fundamentals LSAT Course – $1,049
  3. LSAT 165+ Course – $1,849
  4. Private Tutoring – $177/hr. Learn more about the best LSAT tutors.

You will have a couple of different options to choose from if you decide to go with a Princeton Review LSAT prep option. We will review the different LSAT prep options.

Princeton Review Self-Paced LSAT Prep Course

The self-paced course offered by Princeton Review is very similar to the other self-paced courses we have reviewed. The course includes the following:

  • 150+ hours of video lectures
  • 70+ full-length LSAT exams
  • 8,000+ practice questions
  • Physical textbooks
  • Access for 12 months

One thing that does make this course slightly different from other self-paced ones is the fact Princeton Review will send you physical textbooks to go along with the digital material. This is a nice feature for students who prefer to read from a physical textbook.

The “coursework” tab is where you will be learning concepts and spending most of your time. The course is broken down by sections of the LSAT and into various units. You will find video lessons, practice questions, and more in these units.

One thing we were not fans of when it came to Princeton Review was that the course felt a little outdated. Some of the other courses had a nicer interface and an overall better design. This is not a huge deal as the main goal of LSAT prep is to get a good score on the exam, which this course will help you do.

Princeton Review Other LSAT Prep Options

As we mentioned above, Princeton Review offers some other LSAT prep options. The LSAT Fundamentals course includes the following:

  • 30 hours of live online instruction with an expert instructor
  • Online lessons to help drill down specific concepts
  • Ability to contact your instructor with any questions you may have outside of the online classroom
  • Everything included in the self-paced course

The other main option Princeton Review offers is the LSAT 165+ course. This course includes the following:

  • 84 hours of online instruction by an expert instructor
  • 150 hour of online drills and explanations
  • Everything included in the self-paced course

Princeton Review has a different option for everyone. If you are self-motivated and have study discipline, the self-paced course is a good option. If you need some extra motivation or like learning in a classroom setting, the LSAT Fundamentals or LSAT 165+ course are good options.

Screenshots of the Course:

Wize LSAT Course Review

New Kid on the Block

Wize Logo

Our Score


Learning Options:

  • Self-Paced


  • Price
  • Video Quality
  • Interface


  • Light on Video Content

When it comes to LSAT prep courses, Wize keeps it simple. They offer 1 LSAT prep option:

  1. Self-Paced LSAT Prep Course – $599

The simplicity of their business model is a nice change of pace as it makes it easy for users to decide on a LSAT prep option if they decide to use Wize.

Wize Self-Paced LSAT Prep Course

As stated above, the self-paced course is the only option that Wize offers. The course is $599 and users will have access to the course for 6 months.

Wize is one of the newer LSAT prep courses and you can tell that they have taken notes on other courses, which is why they made our list of best LSAT prep courses.

The user interface that Wize uses is very nice and easy to follow. You can easily find everything you need from your student dashboard.

Within your dashboard you will see things like:

  • Overall course progress
  • Progress by subject
  • Continue where you left off
  • Community forums

The community forums are something we have not seen in any other LSAT prep courses. Here, students can post questions and help each other with issues they may be having. The Wize team can also respond on these forums and contribute.

As far as actual learning material goes, all content is grouped by section of the LSAT. Students will learn from video lessons. We found these video lessons to be of extremely high quality.

In addition to the video lessons, you will also find that each video has a color-coded outline to the right. The color-coded outline is nice as it allows you to follow along and better absorb concepts taught throughout the video.

One downfall to this course is the number of video lecture hours. There is approximately 24 hours in the course, which is on the lighter side compared to other LSAT prep options.

The course does include 3,700+ practice questions and 70+ practice exams. These questions and exams can be used to ensure you understand the material taught in the video lessons.

Screenshots of the Course:

LSATMax Course Review

Most Video Hours

LSATMax Logo

Our Score


Learning Options:

  • Self-Paced
  • Tutoring


  • # of Video Hours
  • Great Mobile App
  • Support Options


  • No Live-Online Options

LSATMax does not offer any live online learning options, but they do offer other different options and bundles. Those different LSAT prep options include:

  1. Self-Paced LSATMax 180 – $761
  2. Self-Paced LSATMAx 365 – $1,186
  3. Self-Paced LSATMax Lifetime – $1,611
  4. 3 Different Tutoring Options – Learn more about the best LSAT tutors.

Each of the self-paced options listed above includes the same features with the only difference being the amount of time you have access to the course. We will review what is included in the self-paced courses below.

LSATMax Self-Paced LSAT Prep Courses

Since LSATMax does not offer any live online options, we will be focusing on the self-paced courses they offer. As stated above, they offer 3 different self-paced options. All of the features within the courses are the same, with the only difference being the amount of time you have access.

  • LSATMax 180 = 180-day course access
  • LSATMax 365 = 365-day course access
  • LSATMax Lifetime = Lifetime course access

The big thing that separates LSATMax from others is the number of video lecture hours they offer. In total, they offer more than 1,000 hours. This is significantly higher than other providers.

2 other unique features include in these courses are the daily office hours and the personalized support. The daily office hours allow students to participate in live Q&A sessions with 99th percentile instructors. Some of these office hours occur on Instagram live (very different from other LSAT prep classes).

The personalized support includes real-time chat with the same 99th percentile instructors. Both of these features are very valuable and can help take your LSAT score to the next level.

LSATMax uses their video lessons to teach a lot of the material. The video lessons are really well done and do a great job of explaining complex LSAT topics.

The instructor teaching within the video lesson uses a digital whiteboard and works through the concepts on the digital whiteboard. This helps make the videos engaging and allows students to better absorb information.

The videos are grouped together by sections and subtopics in a way that made sense to our team. Some videos were very short (3 minutes) while other videos were very long (50+ minutes).

Finally, LSATMax has a mobile app that is best-in-class. The app contains everything you need and has a nice interface. LSATMax actually started out as an app and built prep courses around it, so they know what they are doing when it comes to mobile learning.

Screenshots of the Course:

Alpha Score LSAT Course Review

Other Great Option

Alpha Score Logo

Our Score


Learning Options:

  • Self-Paced


  • Price
  • Subscription Length
  • Downloadable PDFs


  • Premium Option Needed to Access More Features

Alpha Score offers 2 different options when it comes to LSAT prep courses. Those options include:

  1. Self-Paced Complete LSAT Course – $389
  2. Self-Paced Premium LSAT Course – $789

Alpha Score Self-Paced LSAT Prep Courses

Alpha Score offers 2 different self-paced courses. The complete program is their basic package and starts at $389. It includes the following:

  • 50+ hours of video lessons
  • 10 full-length LSAT exams
  • 1,000+ LSAT questions
  • 12-month subscription

The premium program is the upgraded version of the complete program and includes the following:

  • 50+ hours of video lessons
  • 61 full-length LSAT exams
  • 6,000+ LSAT questions
  • 12-month subscription

As you can see, the premium program includes a lot more full-length practice exams and practice questions.

Alpha Score is a solid option for students looking for a balance between price and content/features. Alpha Score is competitive in terms of number of video hours versus other providers. The premium program is also competitive when it comes to practice exams and practice questions.

This course is as standard as it comes. The lessons follow a similar pattern to other courses and are organized by sections on the LSAT. Videos range in length while some are short and others are longer. You can watch the videos on a faster playback speed if you want to study at a faster pace.

The lessons consists of videos, quizzes, and also include downloadable PDFs for some topics – this is a unique feature that not a lot of the other courses offer.

The dashboard does not include any unique features but helps you to navigate to different parts of the course.

All in all, this course includes everything you would need to succeed on the LSAT but does include the frills that other courses offer.

Our Methodology

When reviewing the best LSAT prep courses, our team looked at 10+ different providers. We compared these LSAT prep courses using 15+ different criteria including pricing factors, content factors, user experience factors, and more.

Some factors weighed heavier in our quest to find the best online LSAT prep course than others. After looking at 10+ LSAT prep courses, we narrowed it down to 6.

We wanted to include 6 LSAT courses for our users to compare as we felt this gave our users a good variety of choices without overwhelming them with too many choices.

We know there is a lot of marketing “fluff” used by companies to try to get users to purchase their courses. Our team went into these courses ourselves and tried to sift through the“fluff” and focus on the actual substance in the courses.

We looked for features and content that we felt was most useful for someone preparing for the LSAT. We are always updating our reviews based on changes made in the industry.

Our goal is to help users find the best LSAT study program that fits their specific needs.

Best LSAT Prep Courses FAQs

What LSAT prep course is best?

There are a lot of different LSAT prep courses out there. Some options may be better for students based on what they need. Our team found the following:

  1. Best Overall – Blueprint Prep
  2. Best Value – Magoosh
  3. Very Comprehensive – Princeton Review
  4. New Kid on the Block – Wize
  5. Most Video Hours – LSATMax
  6. Other Great Option – Alpha Score

Are LSAT prep courses worth it?

We believe that LSAT prep courses and LSAT prep classes are worth it. The LSAT is a very challenging and important exam, being the difference for many students between getting into law school or not.

Yes, you could save some money by self-studying for the LSAT. However, it will take you a ton of time in gathering the proper resources to study and ensuring that you have everything you need.

The best LSAT prep courses will have everything that you need. They will save you time and help you study more efficiently. Purchasing LSAT prep should be looked at as an investment – pay money up front but reap the rewards of a higher LSAT score and scholarship money.

Is studying 20 hours a week for the LSAT good?

Yes, studying 20 hours a week is good for the LSAT. It is generally recommended that you study between 150 and 250 hours for the LSAT. Studying 20 hours a week for 3 months will put you at 240 total study hours.

Make sure you are mixing in LSAT practice tests in your study regiment.

Is Princeton Review a good LSAT prep course?

Princeton Review is absolutely a good LSAT prep course. Princeton Review was our choice for most comprehensive.

They have different options that include both a self-paced course and a live online course. The courses include a ton of information, practice questions, and practice exams.

Authored By: Vincent Gullo
Authored By: Vincent Gullo

Vincent Gullo is a master's students at Tufts University working towards his Masters in Law & Diplomacy.

He is also an LSAT prep course teacher for Kaplan. Vince has helped students reach scores in the top 10% of all test-takers.